Stepping into power is not about following someone else’s vision to the letter but finding what works for you and creating your own magic.

If you are new to meditation, The Sword Reforged is an excellent place to start. If you already have some experience, the process can enhance the work you are already doing.

It can be combined with other meditation techniques. I often start with five minutes observing body sensation to connect with the body, build up the symbols to establish clear channels and a strong inner core, then spend time meditating on a chosen subject, phrase, symbol or image.

Alternatively, if working with the law of attraction is your thing – projecting desire in order to manifest results – The Sword Reforged is a wonderful starting point, providing a stable inner platform – a strong thrust-block – from which to direct your Will.

As mentioned elsewhere, the Middle Pillar technique can be more fully incorporated into the process.

The key with any route of self-empowerment is to find that which works for you. The beauty of this process is that it helps align the key centres of the psycho-spiritual system, so that any subsequent work is in accordance with all aspects of the Self, from the highest to the lowest. By strengthening the core, the practitioner creates a solid base for future work. It is very much a launch pad, from which the consciousness can head off in a number of directions.