The focus of The Reforged Sword is the symbolism pictured above and the powerful message it conveys. A message of wholeness, empowerment and personal and planetary healing.

The aim of the site is to examine the symbolism and its meaning through a combination of text and imagery, each section presenting a different approach.

EXPLORATION gives an overview and describes how the symbols relate to the Inner and Outer worlds: to the human condition and to history at large. If reading reams of text is not your thing, a great place to start is Interactivity, where you can play with the imagery to create your own combinations and connections.

APPLICATION contains a simple yet effective technique of bringing the symbols into your life in order to tap into their energy and power. To cut to the chase and find something that can be put to immediate effect, this is the section to go for.

DISCOVERY is a personal account of how the symbols crashed into my life through a series of incredible synchronistic events. Starting from an individual perspective, the story becomes universal as the journey unfolds and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. If you want to know what connects William Blake, Charles Darwin and John F. Kennedy and ties them all to a magical place in the north of England, this is the section to explore.

WHEN LOVE TAKES OUR HAND contains a selection of miscellaneous writings and other bits and bobs. The hope for this section to continue to evolve and expand over time.

The planet is currently passing through a time of great upheaval (which is given historical context here) with the opportunity to bring a much-needed balance to the world. Having become separated from our connection to the universe, we all have the potential for a powerful re-integration as we fully awaken to our place in the story of creation. The beauty of this great paradigm shift is that every being on the planet has something valuable and insightful to bring to the table.

We each have a unique perspective that, when brought into the collective consciousness, adds to the groundswell of change transforming the planet. The same is true for the symbolism: as with all myths and archetypes, everyone will have his or her own relationship with the symbols and I would love to hear your perspective. All input is very welcome at the Comments and Feedback page.

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