The meditation incorporates three powerful archetypes:


The Sword is the central axis in complete alignment.

It is a channel through which energy can flow unimpeded in both directions.

It is the axis mundi, the Sushumna Nadi of eastern traditions. It is the Sword of Consciousness, the Sun Plough connecting the solar and earthly realms. It corresponds to the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, the central staff of the Caduceus.

Bridging Heaven and Earth, it exists within each and every individual.

In the current meditation, it is visualised as a column of pure white light.

Note on colours: in this section, the allocation of colours is a little different from elsewhere on the site. This is because in the other sections, an emphasis is placed upon vertical polarity: the white of the ‘Above’ set against the red of the ‘Below.’ In the meditation, horizontal polarity is acknowledged: the interplay of the twin serpents of the Caduceus. Traditionally, the serpents have been depicted as one red, the other white. However, there has been awareness in esoteric circles of a recent shift, and the white serpent-dragon is now seen as golden yellow. White is retained for the wings and the sword/central axis.


There are five energetic spheres along the trunk of the Tree of Life.

They can be classified according to the main quality of each: Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

They correspond to locations on the human body.

While there is a similarity to the chakras of Eastern traditions, the two systems are different, operating on slightly different levels. The chakras are thought to relate to the endocrine glands, while the Western model is psycho-spiritual in nature, each of the spheres connected to an ‘idea’ of expression and functionality. The chakras tend to stop at the base of the spine whereas the five centres of the Tree of Life continue to the feet.

Although they are not physical, the five centres have a strong symbolic correlation with their respective locations.

Earth: this sphere represents grounding, our connection to the Earth. Placing attention on this sphere connects us with the land beneath our feet. It is through this centre that we can draw on the energies of the Earth, as well as allowing energy to flow from us into the ground to be “earthed.” This can be useful with unwanted energies, for instance in sensitive people who pick up the energies of those around them, where it can be of great value to establish a channel for this energy to drain away from the body. It is also of great use with positive energy - certain rituals, prayers or meditation can build a surplus of spiritual energy, which it can be beneficial to ground. It is through the Earth centre that we establish a deeper communication with the planet.

Water: with an obvious connection to bodily fluids, this centre is linked to the deep tides of the body. There is a strong lunar correspondence, linking in with the female menstrual cycle as well as with the dreamworld. This is the creative centre of the body, creation not only referring to the creativity of artistic and imaginative endeavours but also to the sexual act. A polarity exists between this centre and the Air centre, and a magical circuit of force can be set up between them. This circuit of force is particularly notable between lovers, enhanced in certain tantric practices.

Fire: the Fire centre is level with the solar plexus, just below the rib cage: ‘solar’ has obvious links to fire, and this centre is considered an important power point of the body. The upper part of the sphere touches the heart centre, which again has a strong fire connection: no accident that we talk about fires of passion, the warmth of love, and how desire burns in the heart.

Air: there is an obvious connection to the breath; it is in this centre that the air in our bodies meets and joins with the air all around us. This is the centre of expression, a word that can mean both to exhale and to speak. Spanning the Abyss on the Tree of Life, it is an important sphere for bridging the Above and the Below. The way in which we express ourselves comes from a combination of the mind and the deeper centres: the Above and Below within us. Through it we can achieve harmony between the two states, radiating it outwards into the world at large.

The sphere of Spirit is the higher centre, a connection to something greater than us. It is the source of spiritual power, the Fountain of Creation. It feeds into the other spheres just as a fountain flows down into successive chambers. Everything starts from this sphere; it is the first port-of-call to ensure alignment in the lower spheres.

It is when the five centres are in complete alignment that we are at our most dynamic and empowered, ‘firing on all cylinders’. A vibrant flow of energy between all spheres creates a strong central core.


The Caduceus is a powerful symbol of wholeness and health, incorporating the key elements of our energetic make-up. The wings represent a connection to the Divine, the snakes a connection to the Earth. The central staff bridges the two and holds all elements – both horizontal and vertical polarities - in dynamic harmony.

The fundamental triad of Thought, Feeling and Will is seen in the symbolism – Thought relating to the wings, Feeling to the snakes, with the Sword of Will uniting the two and providing a stable inner core.

In the meditation, the Caduceus is built up and empowered in three stages:


As the source of life at the centre of our solar system, the Sun provides an energetic connection to the greater universe. It can be seen as a lens, concentrating the energy and information of the surrounding cosmos and beaming it onto our planet and into our psyches. On an individual scale, the universal energy focussed through the Solar Logos fills the sphere of Spirit, from where it spreads out and down, creating the characteristic radial effect of the wings as it drenches us in cosmic light.


Just as there are channels of subtle energy throughout the body, so there are corresponding systems within the Earth. These serpentine rivers of force are known as telluric currents or Dragonlines and are often associated with ancient sites.

The interaction with the Earth is a two-way flow: not only can we can draw upon the great reservoirs of power beneath the surface of the Earth; we can also use our combined Will and Imagination to revitalise old pathways within the landscape, reversing any stagnation, decay or corruption that may have occurred over time.

Bringing the energy of the Sun down into the Earth is an act of fertilisation, promoting the union of the Solar King with the Goddess of the Land and thus fulfilling a sacred and vital act.

There are countless benefits to performing this action, both for the individual concerned and for the world at large.

For this meditation, we envisage the solar light penetrating the earth and filling the Sacred Cave deep underground. The Sacred Cave is the womb of Mother Earth. It is here that rest the twin dragons, one red, the other golden yellow. It is not by chance that as they spiral upwards from the cosmic womb, the emerging serpent-dragons take on the form of the double helix of DNA.

As they enter and rise through the body, the dragons cross at each of the five spheres. It can be helpful to get a sense of how they feel at each sphere.


In traditional models of the Caduceus, the serpents climb to the sphere of Air at the throat, where their heads are seen to meet across the Abyss.

This is the old system, where the Upper and Lower realms are separate.

In the new vision, Upper and Lower are reconciled and integrated. The snakes continue beyond the Abyss, meeting above the head at the centre of the sphere of Spirit.

Above the Abyss all opposites are reconciled, and here in the sphere of Spirit the twin serpent-dragons are seen to be two aspects of the one Serpent of Wisdom.

Likewise the wings are to be brought down to rest in their natural place, extending from the shoulders/upper back. It is of value to get a sense what they feel like: to imagine what it’s like to really have wings, providing a counterbalance, opening out the front of the chest and expanding the heart centre. It is through the imagination that we bring thought into reality.

This is the empowered and fully integrated Caduceus.