Those familiar with the Western Mystery Tradition will recognise elements of the Middle Pillar technique in the process. This is the technique I practiced in daily meditation for a number of years until synchronicity led to its enhancement, bringing in the powerful archetypes of the Empowered Caduceus and Reforged Sword.

Certain elements of the Middle Pillar technique have been omitted for the sake of simplicity, most notably the vibration of the “God names” and the circulation of force/fountain methods of generating a flow of energy within the aura.

Those wishing to augment the process with the full Middle Pillar technique are encouraged to seek out Israel Regardie’s 1937 book The Art of True Healing, a clear and concise introduction to the subject.

Huge thanks go to Dean Powell, whose work with Caer Wyvern and the dragon energies of the Earth has played a vital role in the development of this work.