The symbols of The Reforged Sword are powerful living archetypes, reservoirs of universal energy that can be activated and utilized in order to bring health and vitality to all.

They can be used by anyone, regardless of spiritual or religious belief.

The process is one of creative visualization. By building images in the mind, the symbols naturally imbue the psyche with their beneficial effects.

Working on the principle that energy follows thought, visualizing the symbols exerts a powerful effect on the inner life, in turn affecting the outer. The energy resonates across all levels of existence. As microcosms of the universe, any change on an individual level will have a positive effect on the world at large.

The method improves with practice. At first it might appear like it is all in the mind but in time the symbols take on more reality, the practitioner’s own powers of visualization improve and the effects become more palpable.

If you’re new to this kind of thing, if you don’t like meditation because your mind tends to wander, or if you don’t think you are good at visualizing, the process itself will help in all these areas. It’s like training a muscle: it improves with time.

Daily practice is recommended: a few minutes every day is better than a longer period once a week.


As with any path of self-improvement, when an individual undertakes to raise his or her vibration, things may come up, meaning that previously buried complexes, issues or challenges can sometimes come to the surface, resulting in issues to be dealt with, even drawing events of a challenging nature into your life. This is part of the process, and when such challenges are faced with honesty and integrity they can lead to powerful transformation. From the midst of the turmoil, however, it can sometimes seem like one-step-forward-two-steps-back. Whenever you are faced with such a conflict or impasse, when you seem caught in a repeated pattern or limiting behaviour beyond which you seem unable to move, the first step is to accept the current state with grace, self-awareness and the knowledge that nothing is static. All things are in flux and everything ultimately changes.

(see How To Train Your Dragon)