(iv) Movin' on Up

The three November 22 dates call for a different way of reading the symbolism.

Before Dubai, the Ilkley synchronicities revealed a glyph written across the landscape: stretching through Space. With the three November 22 dates the symbolism now takes on a dynamic aspect: a glyph stretching through Time.

But is there any meaning behind it?

I become intrigued by the timespan. Is there anything to be gleaned from the one hundred and forty seven years between November 22, 1859 and November 22, 2006?

Nothing is immediately apparent and this particular line of research peters out.

A year passes before a curious book comes my way, a treatise on the Celtic Folk-Soul entitled The Flaming Door. The book is rich with information that dovetails amazingly into my own line of inquiry. I am hooked.

And then, incredibly, I come to a section devoted entirely to the analysis of a particular number.

one hundred and forty-seven

The account begins by looking at the Arthurian myths, in particular one of the tales of Merlin (or Merdinn as he is sometimes known in the ancient texts). This was at a time when the arrival of Christianity was forcing the old mysteries to go underground.

How greatly he dreaded the loss of the old Mystery-wisdom is told in a poem which extols its preciousness not only for himself but for all mankind.

The poem is about a wonderful orchard, called the “Avallenau.” This orchard of delicious apple-trees contains the secret of earthly and planetary evolution. It has been revealed to him by Gwenddoleu, his master Hierophant. A translation runs as follows:
“To no one has been exhibited, at one hour of dawn” (the hour of initiation), “what was shown to Merddin before he became aged; namely seven score and seven delicious apple-trees, of equal age, height, length and size, which sprang from the bosom of Mercy. One bending veil covers them over…

“The delicious apple-tree, with blossom of pure white, and wide spreading branches, produces sweet apples, for those who can digest them. And they have always grown in the wood, which grows apart” (that is, in the sanctuary of the Mysteries).
The key to this passage is the number of apple trees – one hundred and forty-seven. It is the square of seven, multiplied by the mystical three, and it refers to the sevenfold system of world-evolution mentioned above. We have seen that this idea is not confined to Celtic mythology. And in our own time it is still taught by representative esoteric schools, that assert the truth of the ancient conception of seven great cosmic periods during which our planetary system is evolving. Each of these seven contains seven lesser periods, and in each of these another seven.
Eleanor Merry, The Flaming Door

It is exactly the information I had been looking for. A period of planetary evolution marked by the number 147.

The final piece of the puzzle has fallen into place: a fully formed story unfurling before me. It only remains to connect the dots, and so the Broken Sword Glyph is born.