The Return of The Grail

There comes a point in reductionist thinking when, after having broken things down into tiny pieces, the attention turns to the bigger picture – how everything connects. Quantum theory of the early twentieth century sees the first modern scientific discipline to recognise the interdependence of all natural phenomena.

There is a renewed interest in lost wisdom. In 1936 Eleanor Merry publishes The Flaming Door, a study of the “Mission of the Celtic Folk-Soul,” in which she writes of the necessary closing – and burial underground – of the Old Mysteries. She also predicts their revival.

…for they will return in a new form as exoteric knowledge…
Eleanor Merry, The Flaming Door

Merry is heralding the return of the Divine Feminine.

This Woman, who is “older than Bride” and “clothed with the Sun”, is the Virgin Wisdom of the world, who gives birth to all men. She has reigned in every religion in every age. She has been called Demeter, Isis, Ceridwen, Herta, Kwan Yin, Kwannon, Sophia, Bride… Dante calls her the “daughter of God”. Brunetto Latini, the teacher of Dante, saw her weaving the world in the mountain of Mystery. From her hand man is able to receive, even to-day, a healing gift for every ill that exists, if he knows how to seek with spiritual insight, in the kingdoms of the plants and the minerals – and in his own soul.

Merry asks where this deeper wisdom may be.

Can we…find the divine and pure Wisdom, Mary-Sophia?
Where is she to be found?

Nine years after the publication of The Flaming Door, buried in the ground near the city of Nag Hammadi in Egypt, a sealed earthenware jar is discovered. The jar contains a number of leather-bound papyrus codices, dating from the early centuries of Christianity. Contained in the codices is a collection of Gnostic texts, lost to history for over a millennium and a half, among which is The Sophia of Jesus Christ.

The Goddess of Wisdom is emerging once more into the light of day.

The second half of the twentieth century sees radical changes in social structure, great advances made in the areas of human rights, gender equality, health, education and environmental awareness.

A growing interest in spirituality no longer met by the literalist standpoint of orthodox Christianity leads many to look to the religions of the East, while in the West, the underground stream of esoteric wisdom is rising to the surface.

There is a move towards a more holistic way of viewing the world. The Gaia hypothesis presents the Earth as an integrated ecosystem, while the development of non-linear dynamics – chaos theory and emergence – brings the idea of interconnectedness into mainstream awareness.

The idea that we create our own reality gathers momentum. More and more people return to many of the philosophical beliefs held by the Sophists, in particular the idea that truth is created not discovered, and that the subjective world is just as important as the objective one.

The Grail is returning to the world.

The evidence is all around us, there to see if we open our eyes.