The Nature of the Universe

Is it possible for the universe to be seen as a vast living puzzle, with secrets to reveal if only we knew how to read the clues?

If so, what might be our approach?

What if the revelation of such secrets relies on an interaction with the universe, as opposed to dispassionate observation? What if the universe is innately intelligent in that, rather than consciousness having been born from matter, the opposite is in fact true? What if the scientific method is potentially flawed, such that a living universe, when approached in an objective, so-called ‘unbiased’ way, merely reflects back to the observer his or her own preconceptions, re-enforcing the belief – rather than the truth – that events are random and there is no deeper meaning?

And what if we were to adopt a new relationship with the universe, one that does not see it as existing ‘out there,’ disconnected and apart from whatever is going on inside our minds, but as something with which we are linked through levels deeper and richer than those of which we may currently be aware?

What kind of feedback would we expect to see then?



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