It was while working towards a degree in veterinary science at Liverpool University that I experienced a paradigm shift in my view of reality. The process began one summer when, funded by a five-week lambing job in the Yorkshire Dales, I caught a cheap flight to Delhi and travelled on a shoestring budget through India and Nepal.

On my travels I noticed a strange phenomenon occurring. Events would happen in the real world that were uncannily similar to passages I had just been (or was just about to be) reading. At first I was convinced it was simply coincidence, until the episodes started to escalate.

I was at the time doing a lot of reading, cheap second hand novels picked up from roadside stalls. I hadn’t chosen the books to satisfy an overriding theme but nonetheless a theme started to emerge, each new coincidence building upon that which had come before.

I was also keeping a journal. The act of chronicling each episode (as objectively as possible – I was a scientist after all) became an important part of the process, creating what appeared to be some kind of feedback loop. A feedback loop of what exactly I wasn’t sure. At this time I was unfamiliar with the concept of synchronicity and nobody had warned me that the universe might be much more complicated and strange than I had previously imagined.

Back in Liverpool there followed a period of profound confusion as I struggled to make sense of the new worldview unfolding before me. Having torn down the old framework and not about to trust another simply for the sake of comfort, I set out to find my own truths.

I embarked upon a journey of exploration spanning over a decade and a half as, prompted by synchronicities, I travelled deeper into the mysteries. Sometimes the episodes would fall thick and fast as pieces of the puzzle came together in quick succession; at other times there would be latent periods (often frustrating but always resulting in new understanding) as I dealt with the everyday issues of living in the real world.

Meanwhile, I was pursuing a career as a veterinary surgeon, a path that came with its own rewards and frustrations. For a long time it seemed like there were two distinct strands to my life – the day-to-day existence and the other strand: a secret, inner life where magic abounded and symbols appeared like beacons leading me onwards.

The journey culminated in the events outlined in Discovery, when my outer life and inner world collided. The Reforged Sword was born in the aftermath of this time.

I currently live in the southwest of England where I continue the work of bringing the two aspects of life – the mystical and the day-to-day – into alignment.

John Miller