Drench Yourself in Symbol

The world is awash with correspondences; we swim through a sea of symbols without even being aware. Currents of continuous data collide with our senses throughout every waking hour, while our own disjointed and oft-forgotten creations arise unbidden during the hours of sleep. We are energy immersed in energy, diverse units of information in a universe of information; feeding, being fed and evolving via an exchange of data. We are both the participators and spectators in an unfolding multidimensional drama in which energy and information are interchangeable terms. We assimilate that which is useful, excrete that which has no value, and continue ingesting.

To limit ourselves to a purely literal analysis of the data that surrounds us is to diminish our experience of life. It is in the gaps between the paving stones where the most interesting things are happening, where life pushes through and colour erupts into being. There is always emotion, always subtext, always poetry.

To increase the ways in which we interact with the information of the universe, to foster the ability to think creatively and to perceive magical correspondence wherever and in whatever form it arises, is to expand both our choices and our capabilities. It is the subtle connections that give magic its power. It’s the tantalising links, improbable coincidences and alluring hints of mystic resonance that raise the world out of the mundane and into the radiant.



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